Wave for Retail & Hospitality


For customers and guests of luxury retail and hospitality environments, they’re not just seeking to purchase a product or avail of service, they are investing in a brand experience.

In such environments, optimized lighting can do as much to create memorable experiences as the products you sell, the food you serve, and the threadcount of your sheets.

That’s where Wave Illumination can help. The Wave solution is trusted by luxury hotels worldwide and leading retailers to unlock the value of light in their businesses.

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Wave for retailers

For high-end retailers, optimization of light can directly impact revenue and sales.

Lighting has a key role to play in influencing customer focus on key merchandise, enhancing displays, configuring retail spaces for events and ensuring continuity of your brand experience across all stores, even franchises.

Light color rendering and temperature affects how items are displayed and a customer’s overall in-store experience. Retailers require the ability to accurately monitor, measure and adjust lighting to desired optimum levels.

That’s what the Wave solution precisely empowers retailers to do.

Wave provides the ability to measure and monitor lighting on the go, ensuring it meets lighting quality standards for your business, your customers and building authorities.





  • Maintain a consistent brand experience in all stores
  • Achieve better commissioning across new stores and franchises
  • Meet lighting standard compliance
  • Manage different lighting design for different brands in your portfolio to drive differentiation
  • Achieve enhanced lighting design that maximizes sales and repeat customers



  • Monitor lighting quality across multiple stores and franchises worldwide
  • Adjust lighting schemes for daylight harvesting and energy saving
  • Assess compliance with lighting safety standards
  • Keep a record of lighting performance over time
  • Use lighting insights to improve customer experience and staff performance


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Wave for hospitality

The lighting styles at luxury hotels are carefully selected and installed to align with the overall brand experience promised by the establishment.

Lighting ultimately plays an important role in setting the tone, mood and atmosphere for guests of a hotel, so it needs to deliver its intended experience.

That’s why hotels worldwide are actively investing in ongoing management and measurement of light optimization in their properties.

Realizing the important influence of light in delivering a superior stay, leading hoteliers are leaning on the Wave Solution to help achieve and maintain a premium and consistent guest experience.

Even with multiple lighting areas to monitor, including guestroom lighting, bathroom lighting, lobby lighting and outdoor architectural lighting, Wave takes the complexity out of lighting management and optimization in hospitality.




  • Maintain a consistent brand experience in all properties worldwide
  • Meet lighting standard compliance
  • Deliver better lighting to influence guest health and wellbeing, helping them recover quicker from jetlag and fall asleep easier
  • List your hotel as meeting the Well building standard for lighting
  • Ensure better facilities management, reducing long-term costs



  • Monitor, measure and analyze lighting levels in multiple properties
  • Assess conformity to agreed brand lighting standards across all properties
  • Test and adjust lighting levels in different areas to deliver better customer experience
  • Prove compliance with lighting requirements in safety standards
  • Monitor lighting maintenance requirements for broken, damaged, or incorrectly specified lighting fixtures


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