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With a need to feed 2 billion more people by 2050, it has never been more critical for crop cultivation and food production to become efficient and sustainable. To support this, there have been numerous developments in indoor, urban and vertical farming, and with it the use of artificial lighting and LEDs.


As more is known about the interaction between light and the growth of plants and crops, there is a prominent focus across the horticultural industry on how to measure and monitor the quality of light, to help achieve greater efficiency and sustainability.


This is where WaveGo comes in, providing the ability to turn complex light data into actionable tasks.


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Agricultural Research With the WaveGo

‘We purchased two of the WaveGo spectrometers for testing at our R&D facilities. These innovative devices are instrumental in helping us to better understand light quality and intensity.

Using the WaveGo, we can compare light inside of our protected crop growing structures with ambient light outside the structure. This ensures we can make the critical changes needed to achieve an optimal growing environment.’

HM.CLAUSE Research & Development Global Resource team

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