Wave for Architectural Lighting


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we’re now spending more than 90% of our time indoors. This increased exposure to artificial light is having a growing impact on our lives, on our mood, health and wellbeing.


As more is known about how the quality of light impacts what it illuminates, moving beyond the simple lux meter to monitor the entire light spectrum becomes critical.


The WaveGo is helping architectural lighting manufacturers and installers to deliver functional light. Whether managing illumination vs. preservation in an art gallery, rendering perfect colour in high-end retail, or delivering truly human-centric lighting, use the Wave system to turn light measurement into value for your customers.


The result? More efficient, effective lighting solutions that improve our experience of the lit environment.


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Wave for Lighting Manufacturers

The WaveGo is providing lighting manufacturers with a quick and easy way to measure light quality.

Use it to facilitate innovation in R&D, as well as easily demonstrating the technical capabilities of your solution to your customers.

Field teams can use the WaveGo to efficiently commission lighting installations, proving solution quality and reassuring customers they have the light that they paid for.

Light data recorded in our WaveCloud can be integrated into your system via API, delivering increased capabilities for your lighting solution.

Calibrate or commission your system with the WaveGo.



  • Accelerate development and delivery of new grow light systems
  • Bring better quality products to market
  • Increase sales by showing customers the value of your solution
  • Improved solution capabilities = more value to your customers



  • R&D for new lighting innovations
  • Show the performance of your solution to your customers
  • Use as an integrated sensor as part of a dynamic lighting system


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Wave for Lighting Installers

For lighting installers, the WaveGo allows you to verify the quality and performance of lighting solutions and validate conformity to specification. This includes WELL building specific measurements such as Equivalent Melanopic Lux (EML).

The handheld device provides real-time feedback, so you can modify installations to meet the needs of the environment and customer, or to make critical checks during the maintenance and repair.

Using data from the WaveCloud, you can create commissioning reports to prove the value of the lighting installation to your customer.

Contact us to find out more about a custom developed, automated version of these commissioning reports.



  • Improved quality of lighting for customers
  • Increase commissioning efficiency of lighting installations
  • Ensure light quality compliance with building standards





  • Test true quality of lighting solutions before purchase
  • Use a commissioning tool for lighting installations
  • Make lighting checks during maintenance and repair site visits


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