Light is More Than Lux

Of all light, humans are only able to view a tiny portion, the visible spectrum. This spectrum contains endless information, knowledge that has not yet been unlocked. The fixation on the intensity of light, its lux, limits our understanding of this natural phenomenon and its impact on our world.

The intensity of light is just one piece of the puzzle – Light is More Than Lux.

Light and Colour

White light is a mixture of all light wavelengths, of the colours we see. When white light is completely reflected by an object, we perceive the object to be white. When all light striking an object is absorbed, we perceive the object to be black. We perceive colour when some wavelengths of light are reflected more than others. The wide range of colours that we see are simply variations in the visible light spectrum reaching our eyes.



More Accurate than a Lux Meter

Spectroscopy is the study of all possible interactions between light and matter. Here, the spectrometer is the fundamental tool.

Spectrometers measure light, separate it into component wavelengths, and record the result as a spectrum.

A spectrometer takes measurements for the entire visible range of light over a set of designated intervals. This range of data output is more reliable than the single measurement taken by a lux meter.

Why WaveGo

The WaveGo delivers the accuracy of the spectrometer, packed in the convenience of the lux meter.

The WaveGo, a spectral measurement device, captures not only the lux, or intensity, of light, but also color temperature, color rendering, and perceived color information.

With more detailed information about light, we can further our understanding about its impact on our lives.

Unlock the Value of Light with WaveGo.

Light is More Than Lux.

When it comes to spectroscopy, you have the confidence of over 25 years of Ocean Optics and Wave Illumination knowledge and experience in your hands.

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