Day and Light

The light delivered by the sun once provided a natural structure to our days. With the advent of electricity, our days have been stretched to accommodate more work and more play. Today, we spend about 90% of our time indoors under artificial lighting. We are beginning to learn that this increased access to light, from different light sources, affects the body physiologically, psychologically, and biologically. 

Circadian Rhythms

The sun is our main source of light, with its colour and intensity varying throughout the day. In the morning, we see a warm, low intensity light, easing us into the day ahead. Mid-day brings a cool, high intensity light, increasing our alertness and energy. By the evening, we return to warm light, signaling to our bodies that it is time to rest. Our natural body clock uses this changing light to control the cycle of hormones that impact mood, alertness, and sleepiness throughout the day. These are called our circadian rhythms.

Blue Light

The body is especially sensitive to blue light. Also known as high energy visible light (HEVL), blue light has the highest energy of the visible spectrum. It penetrates deeper into the eye and suppresses melatonin, the hormone which helps us sleep.

Though useful in the middle of the day, exposure to artificial blue light late at night hinders our sleep and disrupts our circadian rhythms. This disruption has huge knock-on effects on our health and wellbeing, and is increasingly relevant the more time we spend in front of a screen.

Why WaveGo

The WaveGo is the piece of equipment to help measure and quantify light performance so that our exposure to blue light can be understood, monitored, and then controlled.

A spectrometer is essential to quantify light in these complex circumstances. In order to completely and accurately describe the varying light from sunrise to sunset, we need more information than just the light’s intensity. To understand the full story about blue light and how to combat it, we must also analyse the light’s colour temperature, the warmth of the light.

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