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Selected Articles

Real Business

‘It doesn’t matter that we, as a human race, have graduated from neolithic-cave-based living, because when it comes to our brains, and how we react and behave, we are still primitive beings. But what does this mean where light is concerned?

It means that office-based workers are deeply affected by the environmental conditions of their workplace. This includes lighting conditions, and if there’s natural matter in the space including flora and fauna, or if there’s not.’

Tech World

‘Whenever a decision is taken about the lighting for a particular painting, the [National Gallery} team will measure the light source to ascertain whether it’s achieving what was intended. One of the pieces of kit they use is Wave Go, a device from Wave Illumination. This small, cylindrical object (reminiscent of a spyglass) measures light levels at a particular point and reveals a raft of important information about the light source including chromaticity, absolute spectrum and illuminance.’
Lighting Digest
‘To manage light quality, it is important to be able to measure in-situ. Measurement is an important first step in understanding light around us.’