The Wave Solution

Together, our three hero products; WaveGo, WaveApp, and WaveCloud, equip you with everything you need to optimize the lighting in your environment.

Combining scientific expertise with the resources and global reach of one of the top 100 largest groups listed on the London Stock Exchange (FTSE 100), Wave is unlocking the value of light.

The Wave Solution is unique. It’s a pioneer in the lighting industry, combining the experience and heritage of Halma companies working in the photonics space—Ocean Insight and Labsphere— with state of the art technology.

With offices around the world, and a commitment to future-proofing our products by continually adding functionality, The Wave Solution is the obvious choice for any business looking to use light to improve their environment.


Accurate handheld tool for characterizing light


Accurate handheld tool for characterizing light

Specs at a glance

Winner of the Red Dot Design award 2019, this innovative handheld tool uses a miniature spectrometer with an unmatched 3nm optical resolution to accurately measure light in your environment.

Its streamlined user interface lets you capture sequential lighting measurements at the click of a button, making data and graphing a quick, painless, and accurate process.

Miniature spectrometer

Flicker sensor

Bluetooth connectivity

Battery or mains powered

Integrated dark measurement shutter


Optical resolution: 3nm

Captured wavelength: 1024

Wavelength: 400-800nm

Illuminance rang: 50-1,000,000 lux

lluminance accuracy: +/- 4%@250 lux

Flicker range: 5-200Hz

Integration time: 1 second


Instantaneous measurement, graphing, and reporting


Instantaneous measurement, graphing, and reporting


Data analysis is easy with the WaveApp. Real-time results are sent straight from WaveGo to your smartphone, which means you can review on the go or store multiple readings to review at a later stage.

But WaveApp isn’t simply a data storage solution. It harnesses the power of proven technology to filter data into the essential metrics for quantifying light.

This, combined with its simple set-up process and intuitive design means anyone can use it to capture and manage lighting data.

Plus, WaveApp automatically exports your data to our supporting WaveCloud platform which means you can access, store, export, and analyze data from your PC or laptop. Everything, all in one place, instantly.

Free and paid versions in the App Store

From Android 8 or iOS 11.4

GPS tagging to app

Single or Continuous logging measurements

Key light measurements graphically displayed

Key lighting parameter calculations

View results in real-time

View saved measurements


Integrated cloud storage platform


Integrated cloud storage platform


Say goodbye to hand written notes, USB sticks, and data cables with WaveCloud, our Cloud-based data sharing solution.

The measurements captured by your WaveGo device are automatically saved to your WaveCloud account, which means you can access your data on any connected device.

Individual account included with WaveGo purchase

2 GB Data storage, backup, management & sharing

PDF report showing all data and graphs from the app

CSV to export into excel and do analytics

Services & Support

The Wave Illumination team is passionate about light, which means we’re passionate about helping people use the Wave Solution to harness its power. We offer several add-on services and supports to Wave customers, including:


We can adapt our App or Cloud service so that it best serves your industry, application, or business process needs.

Whether it’s a simple change to the WaveApp’s calculated metrics or a custom solution that requires a complete top-to-bottom analysis, we’re here to support you.

Data as a service

Looking to get your hands on light data? We’re open to providing data either in its raw form or as a report created by our experts.

We can also provide data as a service, where we manage and maintain measurement equipment in order to provide you with the data you really need.

Global technical Support

Our technical experts will be on hand to answer any questions or queries you have regarding any of the Wave Solution products.

Application knowledge & consulting

Our team are lighting experts. They can support you in a consultative capacity to help you optimize your lit environment.

Annual calibration

The WaveGo Calibration Service Program is an annual checkup that produces an official certificate to demonstrate that the device falls within its original accuracy specifications.

This can be used to prove your quality control as per ISO and NIST Quality Program requirements.

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