WaveGo Wins Red Dot Product Design Award 2019

Wave Illumination are proud to announce a winning entry in the Red Dot Product Design 2019 awards. It’s with pride, delight and excitement that we can announce our first product, the WaveGo, has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Product Design 2019 award.

The distinctive ‘Red Dot’ has become internationally recognisable as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design. Each year, Red Dot host their annual Red Dot Product Design competition to recognise achievements in product design and award their seal to the best in show.

Designers and companies from 55 countries entered more than 5,500 products in the competition, aimed at identifying products that excel in all of design innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecological compatibility and durability. A blue-ribbon panel of jurists selected the winners based on criteria including innovation, functionality, durability and ergonomics.

“This year, the quality of the entries is very high. What is nice about it is that the products are very international so that there is a real crossover of different cultures solving similar problems. It is nice to see that there is a huge variety in what comes out of it.”  Adriana Monk

Our WaveGo handheld spectrometer has been designed for use with smartphones, and Red Dot’s panel were impressed with elements such as the rotating front cover and automatic shutter, which were heralded as elegant hints to the complexity and precision inside the device.

In an official statement by the Jury, Red Dot stated ‘The design of the handheld spectrometer WaveGo is a successful symbiosis of timelessly elegant aesthetics and contemporary ease of use’.

The Red Dot Award increases our previously held belief in the quality of our development team, and we’d like to extend our thanks firstly to Oxford Product Design LTD for their tireless work alongside our team to continually increase the standards we hold ourselves to. We’d also like to thank each individual and company who fed back their experience into our development to ensure we are on the right track and supporting you in every way.

“The impact of light is far more complex than simply measuring color and intensity,” said Paul Higham, business manager for Wave Illumination. “Our goal with WaveGo is to create an analytical instrument simple yet powerful enough for its users to benefit more than with existing devices. The Red Dot Award is great recognition of the careful thought and consideration that went into designing and launching WaveGo. We are very grateful for this honor.”