Real Business features Wave Illumination

Real Business – publishers championing UK entrepreneurship – have featured the WaveGo and the benefits of light measurement.

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We’ve posted some of our highlights from the article below:

‘What if you could measure the health of an office building, and the employees within it? Imagine if a piece of tech could tell workers when they needed a break and some fresh air, and what sort of lighting they needed to achieve maximum productivity?’


‘Light-tech isn’t about gallerists fiddling around with complimentary light hues, it’s deeply scientific and data led.’


‘That’s the thing about this new piece of tech, it’s not going to solve your lighting problems for you, it’s actually educating users. By helping them to understand what constitutes good, and poor light, users can improve it and better sell their goods and services to customers.’


‘Where does Wave Illumination fit into the business world?

The answer is – everywhere.

Holding trans-industry appeal, Wave Illumination’s WaveGo technology is an educational tool that empowers its users, (businesses across the sectors) to re-evaluate their lighting to generate better sales and more satisfied customers.

From allowing gallery visitors or even potential buyers to better see intricate colour schemes within high-value artworks, to illuminating consumer goods in high-end retail stores, to improving growth rates for plants and foodstuffs via smarter lighting, and even to boost office-based productivity, if light sources can be read, they can be understood and changed for the benefit of the business in question.

Real Business Title for Wave Illumination

To see more about a situation the WaveGo has been used to make an impact in business scenarios, take a look at our case study in conjunction with ARUP.