Meet the Team

The Wave Illumination Team

Neville Davies
Chief Light Scientist & Cofounder

With developments in LED technology, never before has lighting been so versatile, and energy efficient. On top of that, careful lighting design has so many benefits to wellbeing that it is only set to grow in importance. In developing the Wave product and technology platform we hope to help by focusing on providing accurate, complete and connected information to the very fast-growing community of light scientists. I have worked on many spectroscopy and metrology applications over quite a number of years now, so It’s been really fun applying some of what I have learned to the project.

Hobbies: When not working I enjoy walking and music. My latest trip is to walk across Spain to Santiago, singing all the way.

Jon Adams
Product Manager & Cofounder

Hobbies: Running ultra-marathons in the mountains where I’m going to be moving for more than 24 hours! I’m such a slow runner that I need long distances on difficult terrain to justify such slow movement!

Interesting Fact: Due to misreading an approaching storm myself and a climbing partner were helicoptered off a glacier deep in the French alps (not something to be repeated!).

Henry Langston

My interest in light began while I was studying aerospace engineering at University in Sydney. I got a weekend job working for a lighting design consultancy. To be honest, like many people, I think until that point I’d just taken light for granted – you flick the switch and it’s there. I’d probably grumble if the light seemed ‘off’ or noticed that weird blue glow coming out of my smartphone. That experience really opened my eyes (pun intended) to how much light impacts our health and happiness. Just like air and water it is one of the key ingredients for life.

We spend so much time in front of screens, under office lighting etc. and it is mind blowing how little we understand about the impact of light on our bodies or our environment. With LEDs revolutionizing lighting we have this incredible opportunity to reshape our lit environment and Wave is going to be a critical part of that journey. We learn as engineers and scientists that you need to be able to measure something to test, iterate and improve it. Wave is all about breaking down the challenge of measuring light and translating that into insights and actions, what we like to call ‘clarity from light’. Our mission is to create a healthier, safer, and more beautifully lit world and we’re only just getting started!