February 8, 2018


Lighting Events

Want to see the Wave in action?


Here are the upcoming events:


Date Event Location
13th-15th February 2018 Strategies in Light Long Beach, CA, USA
22nd February 2018 Lighting for Transport and Infastructure London, UK
6th-8th March 2018 Ecobuild London, UK
18th-23rd March 2018 Light+Building Frankfurt, Germany
14th-15th May 2018 Horticulture Lighting Conference Utrecht, Netherlands
22nd May 2018 Emergency Lighting Conference London, UKs
18th July 2018 Lighting for Health and Wellbeing-USA Newport Beach, CA, USA
25th-27th September 2018 LED Professional Symposium Bregenz, Austria
26th September 2018 Lighting for Health and Wellbeing-Europe London, UK
14th-15th November 2018 Lux Live London, UK


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