Case study

Agricultural Research with the WaveGo

We’re ever fascinated by the wide-ranging application of light measurement by our customers! The below comes from the HM.CLAUSE Research & Development Global Resource team:


‘We have purchased two of the WaveGo spectrometers for testing at two of our R&D facilities. We have both practical and research-oriented objectives for better understanding light quality and intensity. From a practical perspective, we can compare light inside of our  protected crop growing structures with ambient light outside the structure.’


HM.CLAUSE are part of Limagrain, the 4th largest seed production company in the world, a cooperative group founded and directed by farmers.


‘We have structures covered with glass, polycarbonate, acrylic and polyethylene film and the readings help us determine the light transmission through the covering material. With this information, we are able to assess the need to clean or replace degraded materials. It also helps us determine uniformity of the light between different locations within the structure. This can be important information for breeders seeking to correlate specific genotypes with the plant’s phenotypic expression. It can also help breeders predict trait expression in other commercial locations.

We have also more LED lights coming on the market , so we can measure differences on lighting with our traditional sodium lamps or fluorescent tubes.

From a research perspective, we are beginning to better understand the relationship between light and other growing inputs like substrate or soil, nutrition and water. We believe that it is a complex relationship and optimizing the growing environment requires quantitative measurements of all inputs. We believe that an optimized growing environment varies not only between crop species, but also between specific cultivars. Fully understanding those requirements requires many measurements in multiple seasons, structures and geographic locations.’

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