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Why Measure Light?

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Measure light characteristics essential for health and wellbeing


Ensure quality and consistency with accurate spectral data


Quantify light to deliver a more beautifully lit world

Our Solutions

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Powerful, portable unit that can be paired with a smartphone app or logging hub


Datalogging hub to control measurements and upload data in real time


Store, share and analyse data from multiple measurement units

Wave Illumination solutions handheld logging cloud

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WaveGo Beta Program

Simply plug into your smartphone for analysis on the go

Our handheld solution has reached its Beta phase. We are looking for individuals or organisations who want to be among the first to test the new product and give feedback to shape the future of Wave Illumination's light measurement solutions.

WaveGo is ideal for applications that require a simple, yet highly accurate result when characterizing light sources. The app calculates all the essential metrics for quantifying light, and more features are on their way.

Our solution harnesses the technology used for scientific analysis, along with the power of your smartphone, to deliver an accurate and intuitive solution for light measurement on the go.

Click Here to register an interest in the Beta program!

More information can be found on the Beta Program page!

  • • Simple and intuitive to Use
    • Excellent optical resolution (3nm)
    • Save and share results easily
    • Auto integration time and calibration download

  • • Absolute Irradiance Spectrum
    • CIE 1931 Coordinates
    • CRI (Ra, R1-15)
    • CCT
    • TM30 Rf and Rg
    • Lux

  • •Single and Continuous modes
    •Time delayed capture function

  • •Add notes, custom file names, time/date stamps
    • Save to device
    • Email raw data and/or PDF report

Win With Wave - WaveGo


Human Centric Lighting

Check lighting parameters essential to human centric lighting design

Lighting Manufacturers

Test and prove quality through manufacture and sales processes

Museums and Galleries

Quantify light to ensure object safety and viewing quality

Building Developers

Map lighting in a space and optimise for health and wellbeing

Architects & Designers

Characterise lighting in a built environment

Film and TV

Ensure lighting quality and consistency


Quantify lighting to maximise quality and yields

Retail Lighting

Ensure quality and consistency of lighting for displays

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