September 8, 2017


WaveGo Beta

A straightforward yet accurate handheld tool for characterizing light sources of all kinds.

Simply plug the WaveGo into a smartphone, download the easy-to-use app, take a measurement and log your results.

Product Sheet

What’s Included

  • WaveGo
  • OTG cable
  • Carry Case
  • Link to the WaveGo Android App
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 30 days no hassle returns

Pricing & Delivery

  • $2015 – €1850 – £1600
  • 2-3 Weeks Lead Time
  • International Distribution
  • International Support

Key Features


  • Absolute Irradiance Spectrum
  • CIE 1931 coordinates and visual
  • CRI (Ra, R1-15)
  • TM30 Rf and Rg
  • Lux
  • MacAdam Ellipses (IEC_SDCM)
  • PAR
  • Melanopic Lux
  • GPS

Snap, Save, Share

  • See results in real-time
  • Snap or record multiple measurements
  • Add notes, customise file names, time/date stamps
  • Save to phone
  • Email raw data
  • Email PDF report
  • Load and view data on any phone with the WaveGo app

Performance Specs

Wavelength Range350-800 nm
Optical Resolution3 nm FWHM
Wavelength Increments0.45
Number of Pixels1024
Illuminance Range1-1,000,000 lux
Reliable Chromaticity>10 lux
x,y Repeatability (2sigma)0.005 @ 250 lux
x,y Accuracy0.005 @ 250 lux
Illuminance Accuracy±4% @ 250 lux
CCT Accuracy±2%
CRI Accuracy±1.5%
Integration Time10µs to 10s
Stray Light0.25%

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