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Solutions for the complex lit enivornment

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Why Measure Light?


Go to Wellbeing


Measure light characteristics essential for health and wellbeing


Unlock the value of light by tailoring it to your specific needs


Ensure environments are compliant with regulations and to your specifications


Quantify light to deliver a more beautifully lit world

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Our Solutions

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Human Centric Lighting

Check lighting parameters essential to human centric lighting design

Lighting Manufacturers

Test and prove quality through manufacture and sales processes

Museums and Galleries

Quantify light to ensure object safety and viewing quality

Architects & Designers

Characterise lighting in a built environment


Map lighting in a space and optimise for health and wellbeing

Film and TV

Ensure lighting quality and consistency


Quantify lighting to maximise quality and yields

Retail Lighting

Ensure quality and consistency of lighting for displays

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